Global Game Jam 2020 - Nancy + Luxembourg

January 31 to February 2 2020

Place together some game designers, graphic designers, UX designers, software developers and musicians, amateurs and professionals in a room for 48 hours, mix, and get an amazing video game cocktail! In other words, a game jam is an occasional gathering, whose goal is to create video games of all types in 48 hours.
What is the point? Creativity, innovation, challenge and above all a unique atmosphere with passionate people!

The Global Game Jam is the most important Game Jam, organized simultaneously in more than 800 locations across the World. Will you be among the 15,000 participants? We are waiting for you at Metz, but also in Luxembourg to double the fun! Want to know more about the Global Game Jam? It's here!

For whom is it?

Everybody can participate

Everybody! Amateurs, students, professionnals... Everybody with basic skills in the different roles required to build a game is welcome. We even have 14 y.o. participants, so why not you?

Service Features

Graphic designer

Are you fond of graphism, illustration, or animation? Are pixels or vectors your mother tongue? Come express yourself at the Global Game Jam, we will find you a team.

Service Features

Software developer

Do you have the spirit of a hacker? Are you not afraid of developing original game mechanics, a multiplayer mode or a simple AI? Do you love to work in a team? You have the opportunity to code under caffein at the Global Game Jam, we will find you artists to collaborate with on your project.

Service Features


Express your musical creativity! A game sound track is really important to the immersive experience of the player. You can compose your own sound music to match the ambiance of the game it will accompany.

Service Features

Game Enthusiast

You will certainly be a great source of inspiration for the scenario and the game play, because you have a deep knowledge of the interesting and pleasant game mechanics!

A game jam is not a competition, but a time for innovation, sharing and learning, open to everyone.


There is a limited number of seats, and the registration is mandatory. Lunches, drinks and infinite coffee are included in the registration fees.

Early bird limit registration date: January 15, 2020 at 12:00.
Limit registration date: January 22, 2020 at 12:00.

The registration fees should be paid before the event and validate the registration.

Information to persons under 18: you can register only if you have a parental agreement and a contact phone number, they will be asked at your arrival at the beginning of the Jam.

COIN members have a discount on the registration fees. You don't know about COIN? This could be of interest to you..
Nancy takes care of part of the expenses, so the inscription fee is lower in Nancy !

Registration form

Registrations are closed for this year!

*Registration cancelling: if you cancel your registration before January 15, 2020, we will partially refund your registration (you will have to pay for the Paypal fees (about 1 EUR)). All cancellations after January 15, 2020 cannot be refund (as we already have to pay our suppliers); COIN memberships cannot be refund.

When and Where

Condé's School Nancy
64 Marquette Street
54000 Nancy

High School of Arts and Crafts, site of Limpertsberg
19 Street Guillaume Schneider
L-2522 Luxembourg-Ville

Access Nancy

From the train station by bus, via line T4, "Jardin du Belvédère" stop.

Access Luxembourg

From the train station by bus, via line 2, "Limpertsberg"'s stop. Or by car: a parking of 200 slots is available near the school

Eat and Sleep

Catering is included in your registration: lunches, drinks and coffee ! A room will be dedicated to naps, don't forget your sleeping bag.

Planning of the Event - January 31 to February 2

The Global Game Jam movement

Global Game Jam is a global event that takes place every year simultaneously in numerous cities. A theme is proposed in order to get you quickly on board. The created games are then published on the Global Game Jam website.

What is the point in a Game Jam?

Because we love challenges and being sleep deprived!

It is above all an amazing opportunity to promote creativity, innovation and to have a good time with people sharing the same passion.


I am not very gifted,
may I join?

Yes! All the profiles are welcome an it is always possible to hack something ;-) You don't know how to draw? It does not matter, it is possible to design your graphical resources from doodles or photos, or to go abstract. You don't know how to play music? It it possible to record sounds coming from your own mouth.

The most important point is not quality, but the ideas and the fun you had in building the game. The most innovative games often come from the strangest concepts ;-)

I have no technical skills but I know a great deal of video games. Am I at the right place?

You have probably already heard of the game design skills? It is only required to know about video games and to have good ideas to start with this role ;-)

Where can I sleep?

A room will be reserved for naps. Don't forget to bring your sleeping bag.

Where can I eat?

The registration fees include meals and non-stop coffee.

Should I bring my hardware?

Yes! If you have particular needs, please tell us as a comment in your registration.

But be warned, we are limiting the type of authorized hardware. For example, there is no problem with computers, graphic tablets, musical devices, etc., you cannot for example bring a kettle, a drill, etc.
To sum up, everything is authorized except hardware that generates noise, dust, that is watt hungry or that can be dangerous.

Should I be in a team?

The original Global Game Jam philosophy is to mix up with unknown persons in order to have new idea. However, in practice, this is not mandatory. If you want to be with your friends, you can mention it in the registration form (each of your friends should be registered separately and mention your team).

You don't have a team or your team is incomplete? No problem, you won't be alone and you will find new teammates at the Global Game Jam :-)

What are the required profiles in a team?

The minimal size for a team is 1 person, but we encourage the participants to have at least one software developer and one graphic designer in each team.

What are the types of games we can create?

Every kind of games are authorized. But do not overthink in advance, because the theme will be disclosed at the beginning of the event and can foil your initial plans ;-)

Can I use [software name]?

Yes, it is up to you to use some graphic libraries, 3d engines or physical engines, etc. As long as you have the right to use it (licence) and to distribute it freely with your game.

Can I reuse something I have already done?

Nope ;-) Everything should be original, otherwise it is cheating. It is technically possible, but it is not in accordance with the philosophy of the event.

Can I use graphical resources / sound effects / sound tracks that I have found on the Internet?

Nope! Everything should be an original creation.

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us via Mail, Facebook or Twitter!


If you are interested in sponsoring this event, feel free to contact us by mail.




High School of Arts and Crafts - Luxembourg

Conde's School - Nancy

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